Razor Learning publishes "Perspectives on the State of Governance" in CLO Magazine

June 3, 2009

Learning governance is a hot topic in the industry right now. With the economic downturn, there is a renewed sense of urgency over implementing effective governance techniques in order to reduce costs, improve results and create alignment across organizations.

The concept of learning governance is not new. The importance of governance has been recognized for years. So at this point, it would be reasonable to expect that many organizations are quite far along in their progress toward effective learning governance. But is this the case? Razor Learning recently published an article in CLO Magazine that addresses this question.

The article reports the results of a survey of 130 learning organizations. More than half of the organizations represented in the survey are large, meaning they serve over 20,000 learners. The survey addresses several critical aspects of learning governance, attempting to gauge organizational maturity in these areas. The results show that, while organizations are making progress, there are still a surprising number of gaps and challenges.

The full article is available online in the June edition of CLO Magazine.