Razor Learning founders help Cisco with enterprise learning strategy

March 7, 2009

In November, 2008, Rob Pannoni and Grant Ricketts—the founders of Razor Learning—conducted an enterprise learning governance workshop for a group of more than 30 learning leaders at Cisco. The audience included representatives from a wide range of training organizations. The purpose of the workshop was to provide insight into enterprise learning governance issues and to highlight best practices gathered from other companies.

David Cavanaugh, Director of Engineering Learning, summed up the experience from Cisco’s point of view:

...Grant and Rob shared a broad range of insights, industry examples and expertise into what the real challenges are in building alignment and governing the learning function across different organizational groups. This was very helpful input for us in defining our strategy to migrate to a new shared services model for learning.

The workshop at Cisco is similar to learning governance workshops that Rob and Grant have delivered at a wide range of corporations and government organizations over the last few years. Each workshop is customized to the particular organization. But today’s learning leaders face a common set of challenges such as

Razor Learning uses learning governance workshops like the one conducted at Cisco as an introduction to the discipline and a way to get key stakeholders together to start creating a shared language and vision for enterprise learning. The workshop experience becomes a key catalyst for moving forward with learning governance initiatives.