What is Learning Governance?

Not everyone is familiar with the term learning governance. But if your organization is attempting to

then you are already involved with learning governance, even if you don't know it by that name.

How can Razor Learning help?

Years of experience helping a wide variety of corporate, non-profit and public sector clients with learning governance gives us unique insight and an unparalleled collection of best practices, tools and case studies.

We provide a full range of assistance—from a few hours of consulting to designing, managing and implementing a comprehensive learning governance initiative.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the offerings below. Or contact us to discuss how we can help in your particular situation.

Getting Started

We recommend that most organizations start with our onsite Best Practices for Learning Governance Workshop.  This highly-interactive, one-day event brings together key learning leaders and stakeholders to

The specific topics covered in the learning governance workshop are customized to the needs of each organization.  For more information about the workshop, download the workshop datasheet.

Learning Governance Structure

A learning governance structure is a formal model for how enterprise learning decisions will be made and how changes will be managed across the enterprise. Creating a governance structure starts with defining the system of councils, workgroups and other bodies that will be responsible for learning governance. This includes determining and documenting the responsibilities, composition, operating procedures and decision making process for each of the various bodies.

Razor Learning can help you

Aligning Multiple Learning Groups

The heart of learning governance is aligning standards, systems, tools and processes across training groups. There are three keys to this process:

  1. Use a systematic, structured approach such as our Learning Governance Lifecycle™ to identify and prioritize the elements to be aligned
  2. Balance the needs of the enterprise with the realities of each learning team to get the precise mix of centralized/decentralized control of learning that is ideal your organization.
  3. Use a genuinely collaborative, inclusive process that creates win-win situations, provides a reality check on the impact of proposed changes and builds momentum for learning governance across the organization.

Razor Learning's unique methodology and tools can help you

Metrics and Evaluation

Measurement is the key to organizational performance improvement and a critical component in all stages of the learning governance process. Razor Learning has tools, techniques and best practices to help you

Customer Quotes

"Grant and Rob shared a broad range of insights, industry examples and expertise into what the real challenges are in building alignment and governing the learning function across different organizational groups. This was very helpful input for us in defining our strategy to migrate to a new shared services model for learning"

--David Cavanaugh
Dir of Engineering Learning

"The governance model and process they use is excellent at uncovering areas of risk and where to focus on improving the alignment of different learning teams and processes. I used it to help roll out a more integrated learning program across our global manufacturing operation with over 28,000 people."

--Walt Eldredge
Fortune 100 energy company

"Your presentation was right on the money. The Board has been working hard over the last couple of years to get programming that speaks to the issues facing senior level corporate learning types and your presentation is just what the doctor ordered."

--John Darling
Vice President of Special Interest Groups
ASTD Golden Gate Chapter