Rob and Grant have provided learning strategy, governance, technology and program consulting to a number of top-tier clients, including

About Razor Learning

Razor Learning is a consulting partnership between Rob Pannoni and Grant Ricketts, two learning industry veterans who specialize in enterprise learning strategy, aligning learning and talent functions and using technology to transform people processes. Rob and Grant first teamed up at Saba, where they developed and field-tested a unique methodology and set of tools for helping organizations effect real change around learning and talent.

Razor Learning allows Rob and Grant to continue their pioneering work in enterprise learning strategy and governance while assisting a broader spectrum of organizations.

Rob Pannoni

Rob Pannoni was co-founder and COO of Sera Learning, a spin-off of a joint research project between the Stanford University School of Engineering and School of Education. Sera Learning provided learning technology research, instructional programs and consulting to educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

In 2001, Rob joined Mercury Interactive, a $700 million global software company, where he built the educational services organization and designed a company-wide learning management system that is still in use today.

Eventually, Rob found his way to Saba, where he used his unusual mix of experience in business, technology and training to launch Saba’s highly successful Strategic Services consulting practice, helping organizations with enterprise learning strategy and governance issues. Over the years, Rob has developed a pragmatic, people-centered approach to business and technology that helps organizations build a bridge from their vision and objectives to real world practice.

Grant Ricketts

Grant Ricketts was part of the management team that founded Saba in 1997. The company had a successful IPO in April 2000 and today employs over 500 people serving over 1,200 customers worldwide.

During his ten year tenure at Saba, Grant introduced Learning Governance as a discipline for the industry. He co-authored the industry's first white paper on the subject, "Governing the Learning Organization in an Era of Strategic Human Capital Management," and speaks frequently on the topic at industry conferences.

Prior to Saba, Grant worked at Sybase and Oracle, where he developed expertise around emerging internet technologies and enterprise systems planning and adoption. Having started his career in advertising, he understands the key role that marketing and communications plays in engaging people, building consensus and driving organizational change.