Razor Learning helps organizations develop and implement an enterprise learning and talent strategy along with enterprise learning governance to create rapid organizational improvement tied to measurable business outcomes.

Our approach is characterized by

  • Applying knowledge and best practices from a wide variety of fields—organizational development, change management, business operations, learning theory, user-centered design, human resources, technology and others.
  • A well-defined process centered around bringing stakeholders together, building bridges between organizational silos and negotiating win-win agreements.
  • Looking beyond industry buzzwords and technology fads to find solutions that work in the real world.
  • Leveraging proprietary models and methodologies that provide a clear path to success in the least amount of time.

Develop a shared strategic vision and enterprise governance model.

Drive efficiency and scalability by aligning teams, business processes and technology.

Increase impact by aligning programs and processes with business outcomes and adopting Enterprise 2.0 approaches.

Maximize organizational performance - link Learning and Talent to recruit, grow, retain and promote top performers.

Enterprise Learning Governance

The stakes have never been higher. Over the next few years, organizations that master aligning learning and talent processes and tying them to business outcomes will begin to pull away from the pack. Those that don’t will languish as they find their talent base depleted and their intellectual capital leaking away to competitors.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stumble around in the dark. While organizational change around learning and talent can be challenging, there is a clear path that successful organizations follow. Razor Learning has the knowledge, tools and proven methodologies to help you identify where your organization is on the 4 step path to talent alignment and take the next step.